Welcome to Lucas Software Engineering, Inc.

We hope you find what you are looking for at LSE. We provide software services to firms looking for enterprise expertise. Our focus is on the backend using Java technologies to include Spring Framework and Java EE. We are also preparing companies to take the next steps in continuous delivery tools and process.


Continuous Delivery

LSE wants to help companies improve their quality through continuous delivery. Let us help you focus on the lifecycle of your IT strategy:
Plan, Build, Run.


Software Solutions

We provide software solutions for the small shop to the Fortune 500 companies. Let us help you design solutions that scale or provide custom agile development to meet your needs.


Training and Mentoring

LSE provides custom training and mentoring in Java technologies to include Spring, Java EE, microservices, and docker. Let us guide your IT staff in the art and science of software.

Founded in 2000, Lucas Software Engineering, Inc. is a small company with big ideas. We consult mainly in the central Ohio area providing software services to include analysis, design, development, mentoring and training in the art and science of software. Our experience includes computer operations, development, maintenance, training and architecture. We also have a few product ideas to help developers. Our TinX 1.0 product line will be upgraded soon to provide a more focused enterprise solution. LSE products focus on quality solutions with proven patterns and principles.
The mission here is to serve our customers with the values and ethics
taught by Jesus Christ (also see: Peace with God).

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